Monday, April 9, 2012

Strange aircraft in Yerbouti's Skies

WACCA JAWACCA - Several days after the recent outbreak of violence in Yerbouti, witnesses have mentioned seeing strange birds in the skies - birds that flew without flapping their wings.  When we were able to obtain a picture of one, we knew instantly that is was no bird, but rather an airplane of curious design such as has never been seen in these parts previously. 

I mean, come on, who's ever heard of an airplane without a propeller?  We have even seen a few with only one wing and some of the crazy new-fangled ones with the propeller whirling around on top of it, but never one without a propeller. 

Well, Yerbouti has certainly been a jumping place lately.  What omen or portent does this new development foretell?  Only time will tell.  Coming at you from Wacca Jawacca, it's 'What's Happening in Yerbouti?'.

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