Thursday, May 3, 2012

UN Trucks Found!

WACCA JAWACCA - An exclusive photograph obtained by WHiY? indicates that the United Nations trucks hijacked by masked, armed men have been located in the desert wastes. 

We aren't sure why the photo was taken from above.  We have very few aircraft in the country and such methods of photography are unheard of here.  Authorities asked us to withhold publication of the photo pending the actual location of the vehicles.  Once the trucks were located by authorities, they were found to be empty and deserted.  A partial set of tire tracks showed that the drivers of the trucks were taken back to wherever they came from and the trucks abandoned.

In other news, the Kathy Lee sweatshop is ready to open.  The grand opening was delayed while engineers figured out how to guarantee a steady supply of electricity to the modern sewing machines installed in the factory.  The ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for early next week.  WHiY? will, of course, carry the exclusive story when as soon as the event occurs.

This has been 'What's Happening in Yerbouti?' with another installment from Wacca Jawacca.


Chris said...

Can Yerbouti claim salvage rights? No point in wasting good trucks.

Will WhiY be interviewing the happy workers of the Kathy Lee sweatshop?

Sundance said...

Actually, Yerbouti is going to do the right thing and turn the trucks back over to the UN. They are, after all, providing food to the poorer villages.

Yes, no doubt, WHiY? will be doing an interview with the happy workers once they begin working and see how happy they are working.