Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kathy Lee Sweatshop Ribbon Cutting!

WACCA JAWACCA - Yes, that's right!  You read it here first!  The sweatshop built to produce the exclusive Kathy Lee line of fashions is now open and ready for business!  The day was declared a national holiday and in a rare public appearance, our esteemed President Jujubee Shakerattl'n'roll cut the ribbon this week to the cheers of an impossibly large crowd right here in the capitol of Wacca Jawacca.  Standing by his side at this wonderful event were General Robert Charles Aygotcha, chief chief of the Combined Defense Forces, and none other than the smoking hot, bodacious Kathy Lee Herself.  (And yes, we capitalized that on purpose.) 

President Shakerattl'n'roll at the grand opening of Kathy
Lee's sweatshop here in Wacca Jawacca.  Standing with
him are General Charles Robert Aygotcha in full
blingety-bling-bling-bling and none other than the
smoking hot, bodacious Kathy Lee Herself (and
yes, we capitalized that on purpose).
The president declared that this was a "great day for Yerbouti and for Yerboutians everywhere" because it demonstrated the country's "entry onto the world economic stage".  While the sweatshop will actually raise the average income of Yerbouti substantially, it will still be among the lowest GNPs in the world, even below Albania.  "Yerboutians will now have the mod-est, hip-est clothing to wear - just like the western countries," he continued.  Apparently, he did not know that the clothes are for sale in America only.  "This man is an idiot," General Aygotcha was heard to quip, shaking his head.

The workers have already been selected and began learning to sew today on the ultra modern North Korean sewing machines purchased at a discount for the sweatshop.  In a brief tour of the sweatshop this morning, our reporters got to see the workers in action.  Kathy Lee is producing some strange things for sale in America.  Perhaps they are for display at the Paris fashion show.

In other news, things appear to be heating up in the north with sporadic violence being reported.  When we find out why, we'll tell you.

This has been another stellar day for 'What's Happening in Yerbouti?'.  Y'all come back now, hear?


Chris said...

What's that in Kathy's hand? A purse, or a black sack?

Lynn said...

Hey! There's a Kreativ Blogger award at my place for you. Right click, save, etc. if you want to play along. :o)

Sundance said...

Chris - sorry for the long response time. I didn't realize it's been so long since we posted. That is Kathy Lee's purse. It was searched for contraband by the President's security detail to ensure he would be safe throughout the opening ceremony, but it appears she could probably have killed him with the purse alone judging by its size.

And thank you for the Kreative Blogger award! Wish I'd noticed that earlier! To continue the persona here, I will do the honors on Which War Was That? but keep the logo right here on WHiY?.